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Please read this section entirely! Our adoption application is at the bottom of this page.

Our process for adoption is fairly simple as long as you are able to answer a few questions. We use this process to help us determine the best possible match with our animals in order to insure they are finding their forever homes. Our goal is not the quantity of adoptions but the quality of the matches we make and the experiences you have adopting a new furry family member. 

Step #1: Browse our adoptable pets online, read their bios under their photos, and submit a completed application for the one you are interested in. Fill out the adoption form entirely or it will not submit! Be sure to include the pet's name and not an ID number. You will get a notification that your application has been sent.

Step #2: You should hear back from us within 72 hours during the work week. On weekends we may be busy with adoption events and may not be able to respond to e-mails until the next work day.

Step #3: Once your application has been approved and your vet reference has been cleared, you can set up a convenient time for us conduct a home visit by one of our staff. If you are a great distance from us, we can do home visits via time stamped photos or via Skype. We do not send out dogs without conducting a home visit. We use our home visits to get to know our adopters in person, answer questions, and make sure there is a safe environment for your new adopted pet.

Step #4: After your home check, you will set up a meet and greet with the pet via one of our staff. On occasion and for certain applications, we can combine the meet and greet with the home visit. Once you meet and choose to adopt the pet, we will fill out the adoption contract, received the adoption fee, and leave the pet with you unless other arrangements are made.

Step #5: Enjoy your new, beloved furrever pet!

On-site adoptions at adoption outreaches: At events, the process is nearly the same without the necessity of a meet and greet (unless you have other pets in your family that the new pet should meet prior to adoption). We do not process entire adoptions at events because we require home checks, but will have paper copies of our adoption application available to fill out. Meeting you in person can speed up the process of adoption!

Our Adoption Policies:

  • The animal must be spay/neutered prior to going to the new home.

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old and have valid, goverment issued identification.

  • All animals are on a 14 day foster to adopt; if it doesn’t work out you can return the pet and medical records/tags and your adoption fee is returned (adoption fee returned within 14 days only, there is a $10 fee for missing rescue issued tags or medical records). 

  • You will bring the animal back anytime in the future if you are unable to keep it. You will not abandon it, turn it into local shelter, give away, or sell to anyone (In the event you have a friend/family member that you wish to place your animal with please contact us first. We have a solution for this that will allow you to do this under the contract and your friend/family will not be charged a fee).

  • Pets have had full medical which includes age appropriate vaccinations, rabies shot (4 months & older), heartworm testing on dogs 4 months & older, basic de-wormer, and they are spayed or neutered. Every dog has been micro-chipped by 24PetWatch and the micro-chip will be registered for the life of the animal.

  • Adoption fees are as posted. These fees are to help us re-coop some of the medical/care cost invested in our animals.

  • We require for you to keep your dog on heartworm prevention. If you are not familiar with this, please read about it here: The American Heartworm Association

  • We prefer to place our rescues in Oklahoma. We will not ship animals. Out of state adoptions are considered & handled on a case by case basis and are not considered on highly adoptable animals. If you are out of state you can send a short email to see if we would consider placing the dog out of state.

  • We require a home inspection on all dogs. For the few long distance adoptions we do, we can process this via time stamped photos or via Skype.

  • References are required; we will need landlord and veterinarian information on your application or it will not be processed.

  • Anyone renting or leasing must provide contact information from their landlord before an adoption can be approved. Any restrictions regarding type or size of animal must be noted.


We generally are very open to considering all applications, but only if the animal in question matches with the potential adopter. Most of our dogs require adequet fencing and cannot be trusted off leash due to breed nature. However, we do get dogs in that may not fit the standard temperament that we are used to.

In making decisions about the placement of our animals, we are thinking not only of their welfare, but also of the well-being of the families who wish to adopt from us. We focus on making a good match between pets and owners, not simply making a sale, and sometimes means denying an application, requesting that families wait before adopting, or that they choose a different pet. If you are having a new baby, dealing with an older dog's health issues, or are expecting some other major transition in the near future, then this not a good time to choose to adopt.

We hope that you appreciate our efforts to provide quality care to the many animals that are under Heartland Husky's care and understand that we value your support, time, and willingness to invite a homeless pet into your heart!

Application Form

Found the animal(s) you think is/are a perfect match? Great! Completely fill out our adoption application and let's get started.

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