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Citizen Out-Reach Adoption Program

What is the Citizen Out Reach Adoption Program?

In short, we courtesy list your pet on line and invite you to adoption events to assist in finding a new family because we don’t have room at the shelter.

It is simple, really, but here are all of the details (please read)

We don’t like simply telling people we are full and moving on as many other rescues do. We want to help, we simply don’t have room and it would be wrong for us to take in more than we could properly care for. If you are willing to do your part, we are willing to help you. Our Citizen OutReach Program (COR) allows you to have your pet posted on major adoption websites and gives you a quick, easy link to share on social media. You can also bring, drop off, & pick up an animal you need to find a home for at our Adoption Events, which are held several times a month. You must call first so we can arrange to have cage space & have proof of medical (minimum of 24 hours before our adoption day to notify of attendance

[ These are the requirements: ]

Animal Requirements:

  1. The animal must be of sound temperament and friendly with strangers.

  2. The animal must be spay or neutered.

  3. The animal must be in good physical condition, no skin conditions (a little underweight is okay).

  4. The animal must be current on vaccinations (Must have Copy of Rabies Certificate & Animal wearing Rabies tag is required).

  5. The animal must not be infested with fleas or ticks.

Your requirements if you attend events:

  1. Email ( to make arrangements prior to event. We will NOT accept dogs unannounced! In the email, state you are bringing a COR dog (pet name) and date of event and size of dog; be sure you get a text back confirming receipt of your text.

  2. You must be timely on your arranged drop off & pick up time of the animal for the event. Drop off is typically 15 minutes after the event starts and 15 minutes before the event ends

  3. Make sure the animal is reasonably clean and has no fleas and ticks the day of the adoption. (After all, who wants to adopt a smelly dog?)

  4. Make a cage card on a sheet of paper stating the animal’s Name, Age, Breed, Sex, Likes/Dislikes (such as Dogs, Cats, Kids), and other things (like 4 foot or 6 foot fencing needed, housebroken, knows any commands, if it can be left alone indoors). Hint: if your animal is over 2 years in age just state age as adult.On the back side, write your phone # in case an adopter has a question we have your phone number handy.

If we find a home for the animal, we will call you from the adoption event. Sometimes we will need you to house the animal a few more days depending on what the circumstances are.

Your requirements for your On-line Post:

  1. Respond to phone calls or emails in a timely manners from the Heartland Husky Rescue volunteer if we are working on an application.

  2. Notify us if the pet is no longer needing assistance.

  3. Have vet records available to scan or email ( if requested prior to setting up a meet and greet with the pet.

  4. Notify us if any info on the pets posting needs to be updated or changed

  • Failure to follow any requirements will result in the animal being dropped from the program.

Things you need to know about this program!

No animal will go to its new home without proof of vetting!!!!! No exceptions! This includes Spay or Neuter, Vaccination (DHLPP), Rabies (by vet).

If your pet is lacking some or all of the medical and you would like your animal to be more adoption-ready, you can take it to a low-cost spay and neuter or vaccination clinic.

With SpayWay’s Low-cost spay/neuter program, you can get get 100% of its medical done for around $100 (Current Prices). This will include Spay/Neuter, Rabies, DHPP (vaccination), Heartworm Test, De-wormer, flea/tick prevention if needed. This is for families making less than $50,000 a year. If you do not qualify in the income restricted bracket, there are other clinics without income restrictions. If you are a OKC resident, there are free spay/neuter options. 

Heartland Husky Rescue will set an adoption fee on the animal participating. This fee will go to Heartland Husky Rescue to care for other homeless animals. Heartland Husky Rescue does not have regular funding, so the donation of the adoption fee your re-homed pet generates will in a sense help save a second dog (tax receipt provided for medical expenses if requested). So you can feel good about knowing not only have you helped one animal, but you have saved a second life as well.

How do we determine what the adoption fee is?

Average is $25-150. we typically post them at $50. We will set the adoption fee based on a few conditions: 1) What its adoptability is. 2) The urgency of needing placed.

In the event we find a suitable applicant for the animal that has been in your care and adoption is approved to move forward to completion, you will then be surrendering the ownership of the pet over to Heartland Husky Rescue Foundation. At that time the adopter will fill out the Heartland Husky Rescue adoption contract.  In the event the adoption does not work out in a short amount of time, we will often ask you to continue housing the pet, if possible, so it is less stressful for the pet.

Benefits of placing your animal through our Outreach Program 

  1. We have the experience of screening potential owners to make better matches.

  2. By placing your animal though Heartland Husky Rescue Foundation, it gives the animal a NON-KILL shelter to return to in the event the new owner cannot keep it. Even years later. (If this is within 2 weeks after adoption, we might ask you to foster it, if we have no space.)

  3. The animal is placed under contract so we can re-claim the animal if we learn of any problems.

  4. If you can provide us with any e-mailed photos (4) or if we take some at our adoption events, your animal can then be placed on the Internet for adoption. This will include,Adopt-a-Pet, Petsmart, Pet Harbor,,, & others. This will get the word out that you have an animal that needs a home. There are thousands of people looking at these sites daily.

  5. Helps protects your animal from the “Free to a Good Home & Dog flippers” Dangers. There are many and they are all too real in this state. There are 100’s of registered Dog Dealers in Oklahoma alone that search for these kind of dogs (free/unwanted) and pose as new owners then sell the animal at an auction, typically for lab use, or breeding purposes. Other dangers are people who fight pit bulls use others dogs as “Bait Dogs” often even taping their muzzles shut. Small puppies and kittens can also be used for this or as large reptile food. Then we have the growing problem of “Dog Flippers”. They have no real interest in your pet’s well-being and won’t provide any medical care if needed. They collect higher in-demand dogs to sell to the highest buyer. They typically misrepresent themselves as wanting to give the pet a loving home. Animal Hoarders is another concern or illegitimate rescues that are truly just a Hoarder. It’s hard to believe, but sadly it is true and more common than we want to know.

  6. Safety issues for both the pet and you, by the potential adopter submitting their applications through our agency they are typically interested in truly giving the pet a home, sadly there so so many scams and dangers even in the most simple things in today’s world.

Here are the Legalities of a stray:

In Oklahoma, an animal is considered property so attempts to find an owner must be made by law before re-homing can take place(Oklahoma lost property laws). This is why many private shelters inform you to take the animal to your local shelter and they might pull if from there.

Once they pull it from there it is legally theirs.If you have a stray and you don’t want to place it in a City Shelter, these are steps you must do:

1. As soon as the animal is found, you should call the Local Animal Shelter (within 24 hours) and ask them to make a note of a stray found with your info. OKC shelter (405-297-3100) Edmond Shelter (405-216-7615).

2.You also must place a public posting on Craigslist, Facebook &; as many other resources as soon as possible, Once the ad has ran for a minimum of 14 days, the animal can be re-homed. There is an undefined number of days, 1 week minimum is recommended. The law is more written for objects/livestock and would require 30 days.

3. Also placing a few signs in the area is helpful in finding the owner but is not required. Be sure to abide by local laws on posting signs.

4. Heartland Husky Rescue will need a print out or web link (that won’t expire) making sure actual date is visible (screen Capture), make a note of the start and stop time of the post. (we must have this on file for legal reasons, so there are no exceptions)

5. Many city papers will post a found ad for free and is a well documented way of posting the animal as found.We must have this on file in order to re-home an animal in case the original owner comes forward. This is a hassle but it is important, so this must be done to participate in the outreach program. The ad can be running when you bring the animal to our adoption events, however we will not be able to place it into a new home until 7 days of ad/pound notification time has passed.

So if you opt to participate

Here is a quick-list the day of the adoption event if you bring the animal to one:

Animal is reasonably clean and free of fleas and ticks

Rabies & Vaccination certificate & animal wearing rabies tag, and all other medical records.

Two copies of medical papers

Cage card with your # on the back (see description of cage card above under Your requirements)

Newspaper page with clipping for Found Ad, with starting date of the ad written down (strays only)

Review detailed requirements (listed above) and make sure you have everything.

Pet can be listed on-line only and we will contact you if we get an application.

Pets listed will be removed after 30 days if we are not otherwise notified.

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